Lab12 Pre1

Dual triodes Class A Line Preamplifier


PRE1 Preamplifier born after two years of development. It is the first preamplifier in LAB12

products range and aims to exactly the same target as all our products, to achieve a warm,

musical and most of all realistic sound that remains enjoyable even after many hours of

listening. We achieved to give PRE1 a high class performance, much higher than its price

range. It is a great choice to be combined with a solid state or tube Power amplifier. In both

ways PRE1 will give this known warm, friendly and analytical sound of LAB12.

Internally we use a matched pair of E88cc tubes in a special configuration and a four stages

solid state power supply with more than enough capacity and smart filtering. Dual mono

philosophy and fine symmetry® exists in every stage of circuit and PCB and of course we

use the SRSG® topology in this gear too. Special selected parts like MKP audio grade

capacitors and 1% resistors bring the fine detailed sound and the wider resolution.


Handcrafted audio grade transformers (T.GIATRAS)

Special Audio Grade parts in every stage

No feedback design

SRSG® implementation

fine symmetry® implementation

Gold plated Teflon rca connectors

Gold plated tube sockets

5mm Aluminum face panel with luxury painting

Five Years Guarantee


Power: 230/240 Vac 50Hz (1Α fused)

Power consumption: 80 VAmax

Frequency responce: +0-3dB, 5Hz to 200kHz

Distortion: 0.04% at 2V RMS output

Gain: 17.5dB

Maximum output: 1

1V RMS at 50K input

Input impedance: 50K ohms

Output impedance: 900 ohm

Tube complement: 2x E88CC dual triode, (tube audio circuit, solid-state power supply)

Warm up time: 1 minute

Inputs: 5x line stereo (RCA


Preamp outputs: 2xline stereo (RCA connectors)

Available colors: Etna Black, Pearl White, Custom color

Dimensions (WxHxD): 43x11x29 cm

Weight: 5 Kg


6000 zł