Glasshouse TVC Passive Pre-amplifier

The Glasshouse Passive pre-amplifier No.1 has been a great success, which goes to show how passives always have an important role to play in hi-fi. The neutrality and clarity of the little box has won the hearts of many. Featuring the Glasshouse range of stepped attenuators – there is a variant to suit every system and price range.

Without changing any of the most important criteria applied to the original passive; the design keeps signal wire lengths as short as possible by keeping the chassis as small as possible (front to back distance is 160mm).

We had to source a transformer that would fit the original box and boy did we find one. With a few subtle changes to the original design to put the Glasshouse badge on, we now have be-spoke transformers that not only fits in the box, but are at an excellent price. Early reports suggest that the Glasshouse TVC passive is very close to the sound of the Music First magnetic pre-amplifier and may we add at a fraction of the cost.


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