• KT150, 6n2P matched tubes
    • Manual Bias Adjustment
    • Triode / ultra linear selector switch
    • Handcrafted custom audio grade transformers
    • No feedback design
    • High power transformer
    • Special audio grade matched parts in every stage
    • SRSG® implementation
    • Fine symmetry® implementation
    • Gold plated teflon rca connectors
    • Gold plated tube sockets
    • Analog retro nissei VU meters
    • 5mm aluminum face panel with luxury painting
    • Five years guarantee


  • Power: 230/240 Vac 50Hz
    • Power consumption: 300 VA max
    • Output power: 25 watt per channel (KT 150)
    • Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz (-0.9dB)
    • Input impedance: 100K ohms
    • Output impedance: 4,8 ohm
    • Tube complement: 2x 6n2p dual triode, 2x KT-150 Power Pentode
    • Inputs: 1x line stereo (RCA connectors)
    • Available colors: Matt Black, Pearl White, Custom color
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 43x19x29 cm
    • Weight: 17Kg

25 Watt Class A Power Amplifier

Suono -A class A single ended power amp as powerful as it gets
If you want to sense the colors and feel the emotions of your favorite music program then a tube based, class A amplifier is the way to go. We have chosen KT-150, the king of octal tubes, to base our new Single Ended power amplifier on. Suono offers you the magical sound of class A with all the power you need.
Combining the best of the best to create extraordinary audio gear
We get the best from KT-150 by combining them with our finest goods. Power and output transformers and all other parts are selected and perfectly matched as class A amplifier requires. The 300 watt power transformer offers effortlessly all the power Suono may requireneed. Big Nippon capacitors and separate chokes for each channel regulate and filter the voltage, supplying the amplifier with unlimited power. Audiophile coupling capacitors also exist to add a transparent flavor between the Russian driver triodes and power pentodes. The outcome is full and tight bass, precise and natural midrange and crystal clear high frequencies.Sound that will never make you feel bored or tired.
Adapt your amp to your equipment, taste and mood
You can instantly choose between Triode and or Ultra Linear mode and tailor the sound in the mood of the moment by simply toggling the switch. Don’t even worry about the impendence of your speakers, power transformers offer two outputs for perfectly matching with 4 or 8 Ohm speakers.
For your eyes only
Nissei VU meters exist again in the face plate bringing to your eyes similar emotions with your ears. Our new Matt Black or Pearl White colors on the face plate and transformers’ covers contribute to the overall sense of a high quality product.
Take a chance to listen the best octal Single Ended class A power amplifier ever built…