Entreq Vibbeater Jumbo

Vibbeater – Jumbo 6, 5kg

Neutralizator wibracji

Stosuje się na kolumny lub elektronikę – wielkość dopasowuje się do masy urządzenia lub kolumny

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Standing still is the most important for you speaker!

It is imperative for the sound from your speakers. If you imagine that the treble vibrates with 5-20 kHz, and the baffle on the speaker is having its own life and sometimes vibrates between 400 and 900 Hz, good sound cant be produced as distortion is introduced. You also loose energy in the base since the power is lost when the speaker box is moving backwards.


What do Vibb eaters do? Vibb eaters consists largely of copper-based sand and small quantities of precious metal that gives it interesting characteristics regarding magnetism as well as absorbing vibrations and transform them into heat. When you place the Vibb eater on your speakers, or on your electronic equipment, the vibrations that come from the speaker box will be absorbed through friction between the copper grains and be transformed into heat. It is easiest to feel this on the speaker. If you place your hand on the speaker you find that it is almost free from vibrations. If you on the other hand put your hand on the Vibb eater you will sense a heavy activity.


When it comes to speakers the Vibb eater works on three fronts:

  • Through its weight it gives stability to the speaker box when the membranes move.
  • The vibrations that are generated in the speaker box are most intense at the top of the speaker where the vibrations cant get any further. When placing a Vibb eater on the speaker, the length of the speaker box is prolonged, so that the critical point where the vibrations are most intense is in the Vibb eater, which absorbs the energy and transforms it into heat.
  • The magnetic characteristics make the Vibb eater have a positive impact on the magnetic fields.

In summary the treble tones become cleaner, free from overtone distortion of a vibrating baffle. The bass becomes quicker and tighter with a deeper bottom sound. Above all the sound picture is widened which gives you a more precise position in width, depth and altitude. Not least is a calm in the reproduction that you have not experienced before.

Vibb eaters for electronic equipment have a special sand mixture to optimise the magnetic characteristics. Apart from giving stability to the chassis and absorb vibrations, the Vibb eater also neutralises a part of the magnetic field from the electronic equipment. One has to try where it is best to place the Vibb eater but usually the best place is closest to the power cable or the transformer.

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