Entreq PowerUs – listwa sieciowa

PowerUs – listwa sieciowa

Actually you listen to your wall outlet. Never mind that it is through more or less sophisticated devices. But ultimately it is the power to be converted into sound waves and the final result depends entirely on how well you have managed to deal with all sources of interference found in and around the power supply.
PowerUs is built to the same philosophy as our power cords. We use as little metal as possible throughout the design. Have a large conductor area and our patented applied earth system. From the start which is Furutech XX it is then divided up into four parallel well separated lines. The lines up to the 4 Furutech XX are the same for each outlet, to the difference in a parallel connected power strip.

Our Power distribution systems are working in 3 different areas. Distribution,Cleaning and Grounding.

Most of other brands on market who manufacture Power cleaning equipment? Have concentrated their work on cleaning the phase, so you get a nearly perfect 50hz wave. This looks very good on measurement and paper, but in our opinion the result often is a cold clinic and synthetic sound.

We mean that the big problem in the Power network is the Zero and the ground who many times bee overloaded of products with switching power supplies, fluorescent lights, etc witch causing high-frequency interference on the mains. These devices also litter the ground/earth plane and create strong magnetic fields. It can in large quantities pose health risks to humans and even in small amounts to prevent many music lovers setups/system to perform their best.

One problem is the stray currents” which is based in our electrical system with three phases and a common neutral and protective ground/earth. Zero is bringing back excess” power to the generator grounding/earth point. But since it is joined with the earth in the fuse box can it can just as well go through such hot water heaters protective ground and into the water pipes. Those stay currents always take the easiest way to find ground. Doesnt matter if its trough your waterpipe, your Hifi our your body. It is searching after earth and do everything to find it.

PowerUs, Cleanus and Tellus/Minimus works very well one by one and you can use them separately with very good result. But when you hook up a complete system and wire them together with our Eartha cables you will get an outstanding performance with a natural, dynamic lively sound free from interruption.


9 000 zł