Entreq MinimUs Silver – kondycjoner masy

MinimUs Silver – kondycjoner masy

Clean and good earth/ground is one of the main prerequisites for a good sound reproduction, but conditions vary greatly from place to place. First, it depends on conditions in the ground where the soil takes place, partly on the amount of pollution discharged into underground network.
TellUs/MinimUs is designed to ground/earth our cables, turntables,CD players Preamps, TV  and other signal ground which is particularly sensible for disturbance. MinimUs are the perfect partner to ground your digital cables USB / FW cable and digital sources.

When you connect your cable to clean earth the improvment are big. MinimUs can handle 1-2 pair signal cables or use 2 to your speaker cables. TellUs is a bigger earthpoint and can handle the whole system.

Even if you dont use our cables, TellUs/MinimUs connected to your system can be one of your best upgrades.

For more info please also read our user manual. You find it under „downloads”

NOTE!! TellUs/ MinimUs can not replace the protective ground.

There can be some differens betwen the ohm potential betwen the conductors on Tellus.

This is normal and have no influence on the draining effect.


2 300 zł