Coincident Statement Line Stage

The Coincident Statement Line Stage is the most direct, purest approach in active pre amplification. The input signal travels from the transformer based mono volume pots to the transformer input and then to the 101D tubes for gain and lastly out through the output transformer. The 101D tubes are directly heated triodes that are the most linear amplifying devices ever invented.

There are no circuit boards to deteriorate the signal transfer. Everything in the Line Stage is hard wired. There are no capacitors in the signal path and all parts are the finest available. To eliminate any tube microphonics, not only is the chassis constructed of very rigid, high gauge stainless steel, the 101D tube sockets are isolated from the chassis by the use of a floating sub platform. The Statement was designed and constructed with no cost restraints. It represents an all out assault on the state of the art.

The circuitry of the Statement is fully balanced from input to output. The sonic performance is optimized for balanced and single ended operation. The choice of balanced or single ended will be determined by the ancillary components used with the Statement. If the amplifier or source component is designed to be optimized for balanced operation, for example, then using the Statement in balanced mode will yield the best sonic results. Single ended mode is recommended when used with components designed for single ended operation. The Statement utilizes proprietary circuit topology to achieve balanced operation while maintaining the sonic purity of using only a single DHT 101D tube per channel. This technique provides the optimum sonics with both balanced and single ended modes with no compromise.The novel, innovative topology employed literally ” transforms” single ended operation to balanced with no components added to the signal path.

The separate power supply has enough capacity and energy storage to power a 100 watt amplifier. There are separate transformers for the high voltage and low filaments. Furthermore, the high and low voltage sections have independent choke and large capacity filtering. All power supply capacitors are the finest sounding, highest quality polypropylene not the cheap, sonically inferior electrolytics. The power supply is built to the highest standards and provides the foundation for the Statement Line Stage.It weighs more than 41 lbs!

The design goal of the Coincident Statement Line Stage was to provide the purest, most transparent active preamplifier ever offered. It truly is a straight wire with gain. The synthesis of the best passive preamps with all the advantages inherent in an active line stage, with NO COMPROMISE. Until the creation of the Coincident Statement Line Stage, the finest passive designs integrated into the right system was the procedure recommended. The Statement changed all that. To prove it, the Statement was compared to a high resolution SACD player (Esoteric P03/D03) directly connected to our Dragon amplifiers using their integral discrete resistor pots using 1 meter of Coincident Extreme interconnects. The Statement sounded superior in all parameters of performance. Not only was there no compromise in terms of purity and transparency, the Statement actually revealed more detail both on a macro and micro level. However, the Statement was startlingly superior in the bass where there was greater impact and weight, the soundstage opened up, the dynamic gradations were widened, and the harmonics from top to bottom were more complete. These improvements were not subtle and took but minutes to discern.

Listening to a line stage that is virtually dead silent, free of any colorations with tremendous gain results in a sense of weight, impact and dynamics that is at once thrilling and unique.There is no line stage or passive preamp currently available that surpasses the Statement’s combination of performance and build quality. The Statement Line Stage is an audio breakthrough.

Frequency Response: 10hz – 30khz +/- .2 db
Gain: 13 db.
Input Impedance: 100000 Ohms.
Output Impedance: 500 ohms
Phase: In phase
Output Voltage: greater than 30V
Dimensions: 10.25 W x 14 D x 8 H – Power Supply, Line Stage
Weight: Power Supply -18.5 kilos (40.7 lbs)
Line Stage-14 kilos (30.8 lbs)
AC Voltage: User selectable- 115v, 230V
Price: $5499 US

User Features-
Dual Mono Transformer Coupled Volume Pots- Allows for channel imbalances;
Dual Pairs of RCA Outputs- Allows for Biamping;
Balanced Outputs- Balanced circuitry optimizes connection to balanced amplifiers;
Balanced Inputs– Balanced circuitry optimizes connection to balanced CD/ SACD players;
AC Voltage Selector- Allows users to operate unit worldwide;
AC Ground Lift- Permits AC ground lift to eliminate hum caused by ground loops.


33500 zł