The Stirling Broadcast AB-2 Bass Extender has been designed for all LS3/5a versions, especially our V2 model.

Derek Hughes has designed the AB-2 to provide a broader and less peaky response than the old Rogers AB-1, which produced a “one-note thud” centred at 70 Hz. Although this usefully extended the response of an LS3/5a, with the AB-2 you can hear progression through the bass register.

The combination of the LS3/5a and AB-2 represents a very viable alternative to our LS3/6 (and SB-88) loudspeakers, with a slightly different presentation in line with the reduced baffle size. If you have a fondness for the LS/5a presentation you should endeavour to hear this combination when considering making an upgrade to larger speakers to provide more ‘scale’, for instance for orchestral work or even modern music forms which require fast bass handling.

The AB2 utilizes the same customised 124mm SEAS driver as in our V2 loudspeaker, housed in a cabinet built from 17mm thick MDF with 5mm rubberised damping pads.

The cabinet is taller than the AB-1 by 48mm, and the plinth is larger and more stable, measuring 25mm x 255mm x 235mm (HxWxD).

The AB-2 is sold with our standard 5 year warranty on the drive units and crossovers.

Power handling: 60w continuous, 110w short term, IEC268
Max sound level: 100dB, pair @2m
Input impedance: 8ohm nominal
Input connections: Bi-wire, 4mm terminals (plugs/wires to 4mm cross sectional area)
Frequency response: 52Hz to 125Hz +/-3dB (on HF axis @1m)
Crossover frequency: 2nd order 125Hz
Sensitivity: 82dB/1watt/1m
Cabinet details: Symmetrically loaded band-pass. 19cm (w) x 17cm (d) x 61cm (h)
Weight: Shipping weight 24kg per pair
Veneers available: Cherry, Walnut, English Oak, Black Ash, Wild Oak, Zebrano, Ebony, Rosewood



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