The concert programme begins with „St. Louis Blues” and ends with „Take Five”. Luckily, the solos are distributed among all the musicians, so that Paul Desmond and Joe Morello – whose prowess on this evening can only be called 'amazingly good’ – justifiably received enthusiastic applause from both the audience and us alike. „Castilian Drums” demonstrates Morello’s wealth of ideas and his grandiose feeling for rhythm; though short, Paul Desmond’s solos („Southern Scene” is a good example!) are compelling, highly melodic, lyrical and possess a unique tone – as such they are immediately recognisable.

How fortunate that the twelve brilliantly improvised numbers are now available once again on vinyl, having been recorded live at the legendary Carnegie Hall 60 years ago.

A1 St. Louis Blues 11:00 Written-By – W.C. Handy*
A2 Bossa Nova U.S.A. 07:00 Written-By – D. Brubeck*
A3 For All We Know 05:00 Written-By – J.F. Coots*, S. Lewis*

B1 Pennies From Heaven 10:40 Written-By – A. Johnston*, J. Burke*
B2 Southern Scene (Briar Bush) 07:00 Written-By – D. Brubeck*
B3 Three To Get Ready 06:50 Written-By – D. Brubeck*

C1 Eleven-Four 03:00 Written-By – P. Desmond*
C2 King For A Day 06:35 Written-By – D. Brubeck*, I. Brubeck*
C3 Castilian Drums 13:10 Written-By – D. Brubeck*

D1 It’s A Raggy Waltz 06:30 Written-By – D. Brubeck*
D2 Blue Rondo A La Turk 11:50 Written-By – D. Brubeck*
D3 Take Five 06:10 Written-By – P. Desmond*

The Dave Brubeck Quartet

Cena: 209 zł 2 LP-180G 33rpm